Surface case black leather

The Zipper – Surface case black leather


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Product Description

The Zipper – Surface case black leather

The Zipper Surface case black leather is a beautiful sleeve/case designed for Surface and handmade out of 1,5 mm high quality leather. The inside is made with a smooth black microfiber lining that gives that perfect balance between keeping the device in place and still easy to take in our out of the sleeve. It is tailored to fit for your Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4 just as they are or with either the type cover or touch cover.

We made it for people like you – that are on the go and only need to carry your precious device in a good looking Surface case. Maybe for that one day business trip or for your customer meetings tomorrow?

Even though it’s a slim fit design, it is possible to bring both the Arc Mouse and pen with you in the case. On a good day you can squeese in the charger, but we don’t recommend it. Why should you work more hours during a day than the battery lasts anyway?


The Zipper- Surface case black leather

Dimensions: 24,4 cm x 32,2 cm / 9.6″ x 12.7″
Weight: ~275 g / 0.6 lb

Additional information

Between the beautiful black leather and the smooth black microfiber lining The Envelope Surface case black leather has  a thin layer of a special cushioning material to add some protection to your device. Don’t worry, you will not notice unless you know it, but it might be good to know that we developed this product not only with design in our mind. Functionality is almost as important.

The lid almost closes automatically due to the design and we have inserted a blind magnet to make sure that the lid stays in place while on the move.

Case, sleeve or cover? If we could choose we would call it a “cave”, a mixture between Case and Sleeve. The slim-fit design makes it more of a sleeve but with our mission to also make it functional with room for the pen and the mouse makes it more of a case, don’t you agree?


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